The Constitution divides the government into three branches:
• The Congress-Artistic branch makes shared realities perceptible through a syncretic vision of the entirety of life and non-life on Earth;
• The Individual-Executive branch carries out the principles and laws;
• The Meditative-Judicial branch explains and interprets the principles and laws.
In a syncretic system the living, non-living and technological beings are all gathered in the hands of a single agency: an emerging Mind - the Mind of the Whole Government. Our governmental Mind runs in almost the same way, with the exception of the three branches of deep life (living, non-living and technological) that are separated and look for a syncretic unity. This is called a syncretic system where the three forms of being or non-being are separated into three distinct and independent branches or phyla. The Hybrid Constitution distributes the powers of the Whole Government among a dialectical meditation for a new life.