The Common right to rule comes from the Animal, Vegetable, Technological form of standings in this shared space we call Earth.
All power lies in the presence of living beings, animals or plants, and of the things of the Whole Earth that is sovereign. Human Government can only govern if it is given permission to do so by those who are governed, as Animal, Vegetal and “Inanimate Things”. This is the Whole Sovereignty. The overall meaning of Whole Sovereignty is that the Human Government draws its power from the living and non-living beings of the earth, and that people have given their government the power it has through the constitution. The Whole Government only has the power to make decisions because the living and non-living beings who are governed grant it that power, but if the Whole Government abuses the power it has been given, “Life and Non-Life” have the standing to overthrow this principle and to stall this meditation, stopping the culture and the development of the whole world that will became a place without any diversification, any bifurcation through cultural speciation.